Thursday, October 25, 2007


Ever find yourself drifting along mentally when doing a menial task you dont enjoy doing? A task that needs to be done, which dosent require thinking just doing. That happens to me when I have to work in the garden.
We are into summer here, and with it the start of the rainy season, the electrical thunder storms, strong winds and of course the profusion of plant life. From the winds aftermath the clearing of the debri, broken branches twigs and leaves. Rain dosent make only the garden grow, but weeds and syringa berries too. I'm often amused at the irony of planting trees, digging the hole, preparing the soil, the compost, manure; planting and care just to get it to grow where I really want it to grow. The syringa berry will grow where it falls with thousands of others to keep it company all where I dont want them.
It was in uprooting what seemed a thousand of them, though probably only fifty odd, I thought of trees and seeds. In Matthew :13, we find the parable of the sower, we also find later on the story of the mustard seed, the smallest of all seeds grows into the biggest tree in the garden.
Verses 31,32. In uprooting the seedlings they are soft delicate it is almost unbelievable that they have immense power. I attended a boarding school in a rural area of Zimbabwe, close to the school was a kopjie called "bushmans kopjie" It was actually just a lot of huge boulders, with some bushmans paintings. There was boulder a little bigger than a pickup truck, that had a paperbark tree, which had found a crack grew up splitting the granite boulder with its growing. There is a tree in California where a car can drive through, in Limpopo Province a boabab tree with a pub in it, in Derby Australia a boaba called the prison tree because it once was.
They all started out as seeds, in many cases not fertile areas or ground which we would consider ideal for growing anything let alone a tree.
Have you ever had an idea for something, which you were excited about, and when talking about it to friends and family, they shot it down so quickly, you didnt bother picking it up and pursuing it? Some time later, months or years somone else comes up with the idea, and makes a success of it reaping the rewards that comes with following through with it.
I believe God gives us these" seeds" in answer to our prayers, how many of these seeds have I let fall on stony ground, or on the wayside to get trodden on, instead of believing that He has promised "ask and it shall be given unto you". I need to recognise and believe in the seeds He has given me.
Matthew 13:1-9
Mark 4:2-20
Luke 8:4-18


Bridget Jones said...

I like your blog, I'll certainly come back for more. And I like your country too :)

Jesieblogjourney said...

Praise the Lord! I would like to add that even we have faith like a mustard seed....see what wondrous things it can do too.