Saturday, May 10, 2008

What Motivates You?

"What motivates you?”
Part One

Be all you can be; I often see myself as somewhat contented with my life the way things are, of course it's hard to think of anything or anyone else; especially when there are real issues, which need to be examined; and when you are comfortable with where you are in life.

Still I aspire for a deeper and more meaningful walk with God, in the quest of a closer walk, I asked myself a few questions.

1 What do I really want?

The question should have been; “What does God want?” Jesus Is Lord, so because Jesus is Lord, I am his subject, I shouldn’t be trying to find what I want, I am not using that as a cop out; it is too easy to say “I am waiting for God to show me what He wants.” Using that as a reason for doing nothing, through prayer and conviction the answer will come.

2. Should I really change?

My way of thinking needs to change, relying on God for direction and not myself, I need to learn to trust His guidance, to listen to His voice, to learn to know His voice; this can only be done through prayer and studying of His Word, The Bible.

If I am a jeans and T-shirt guy, I am not going to be comfortable in a tailored suit, or vice a versa, if my way of talking is a natural casual style in simple English; I am not going to study the Oxford dictionary; I wouldn’t understand myself, nor would any one else. I honestly believe God wants us to be ourselves, so He can use us where we are.

3. Am I comfortable with the change?

There will always be areas where I will be uncomfortable with the change; the discomfort will be based largely on the fear of unknown, going out into unchartered waters as it were. The assurance will come from knowing He has promised He will never leave me or forsake me, nor will He give me anything I can’t handle.

A couple of months ago, after much praying, I was led to work in a shop which treated and sold water. It was menial manual labour, my work was to fill different size bottles, help carry the big bottles, 25 litre, ( 6.6 gallons) to the customers cars, replace on the shop floor, lines which had been sold, as well as load the UV with bulk orders; pay was ten Rand an hour, little less than $1.50 an hour. Was I comfortable doing the work? No! A back operation from several years ago meant I was in constant pain, from the carrying and standing, the filling of thousands of bottles was boring. Was I comfortable where I was? Yes, it taught me humility, gratitude, and to honour and praise God above all the importance of tithing first before anything else was paid, and the principle of “Seeding” that tithing and sowing of the seed totally different. I have known theoretically they are different, but the Christian Walk doesn’t come from knowing but from doing.

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