Sunday, September 9, 2007


I have read many times, if you save a life you are responsibile for it. What happens when my life is saved? Do I owe a responsibility to that which saved my life? After all said and done, I would not have the same life without the intervention.
Some time ago, whilst driving in the Limpopo Province returning from a private game reserve, my better half and I were discussing the changes and development in the province. The promoting of game farms, holiday resorts all highlighting the province's natrual beauty and attrations. In my normal manner I digressed from development to talk about birds. In particular the fascinating habits of weavers. More than 150 different species, three quarters of them prevalent in Africa. Needless to say my discourse was not given scientifically or in textbook style. At the end of my impromptu lesson my better-half told me I really had a gift. I assumed she meant the gift of the gab.
Several years ago, I was hitch hiking to Cape Town from Johannesburg. I was given a lift to almost halfway, in the Free State quite close to Colesburg in the Northen Cape. Sitting on my suitcase alongside the road, with cars few and far between I was reading my Bible. Though past mid-day - it was also mid-winter - the wind was chilling so I wore a polar fleece hooded top. After about forty minutes, a car stopped some way ahead and started reversing. To save time I tucked the Bible halfway into my jeans, covered by the top.
In the early hours of the morning near Cape Town the driver dropped me off where he was turning off close to the Cape Flats informal settlement. The night was freezing, I took my jacket out of my case to put it on. Within a matter of minutes three men appeared from seemingly no-where. One from behind took my jacket off me, the second one from the side took my suitcase and ran, the third was trying to rip my watch from my wrist, at the same time stabbing me in the stomach, looking directly onto the words printed on my hooded top: "Youth for Christ ".
I smiled and spoke in a voice I did'nt recognise as my own, calm and gentle: "Jesus asked me to tell you he loves you."
I could actually see the fear in his face; he turned and ran with total disregard for his safety, just missing an oncoming car.
The jacket and Bible had been gifts from a friend, the "Youth for Christ" top another gift from another friend; which brings me to responsibility. We are blessed with gifts to share. I have been blessed with the gift of life. If I did'nt have the Bible tucked in my jeans at my waist I wouldn't be alive. It has taken some time for me to accept that responsibility, and to allow my gifts to be used.
Guidance comes from Ephesians 4:22,23. "To put off your old self which belongs to your former manner of life, and is corrupt through deceitful desires and to be renewed in the spirit of your minds."
This is the journal of renewal of the spirit in my mind. It promises to be an exciting journey.


desertstar said...

this is an amazing testimony!!!! Thank you for sharing it. Please keep on sharing.

andsewitis Holly said...

Hello Stan,
I love reading how God protected you and delivered you from evil. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and for stopping by my place. Keep writing!

Stephanie said...

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