Monday, September 3, 2007


A silence
like a lost soul
trapped to ideals and dreams
in search of it's whole;
with parts lost in life streams,
others shackled by chains.

Bits strewn in spindrifts
and drowned in rains
while waiting for the freeing lifts.
A silence
like a man and wife
sitting at breakfast
welded together in life,
held in a clenched fist
what they had to say,
they had said too soon.
now the empty hours lay
tightly closed in a cocoon
A silence
like a dream stillborn
a truth unspoken;
emotions fully worn
memories the only token
of times swept and spent
in the wake of yesterdays broom;
of hours that had been illspent
lay buried in a tomb.

1 comment:

SMA said...

I like your poem.I think I entered in "the silence". It has the power to speak beyond the words. You know, I'm not a very good English speaker, so I feel more than I understand ( linguistic). I think this is the sense of art, to hit the point of human "receiver" for deep beauty.
Beauty in happiness, in sadness ,in contemplation.
Thank You God for this wonderful gift You gave us, to be able to feel the beauty of Your world in all its aspects.
Thank you for share. Sma