Wednesday, September 26, 2007


"This was the unkindest cut." Julius Ceaser act 3. Mark Anthony says these words, he is speaking of Cassius stabbing Julius Ceaser. It was the unkindest cut because of Julius love and trust for Cassius.
Child abuse is the unkindest cut of all, because of the love and trust children place in us adults, a love they give freely, and when abused, if they survive their future ruined because of that abuse.
Recent cases comes to mind, yesterday 26th Sep: a date has been set for the trial of a man who allegedly raped and murdered 11 yr old Annastacia Wiese, he is also charged of raping a three year old girl. Last month in the first week, a man was sentenced in the Cape high court, for sodomising and murdering six year old Steven Siebert.
Other recent cases for this year :
7 yr old Sheldean Human, Pretoria, raped and murdered. February.
11yr old Annastacia Wiese, Cape Town raped and Murdered March.
8 yr old Refiane Ringane Limpopo Province murdered June.
2 yr old Sonja Brown western Cape July.
These come to mind because they had extensive media coverage. What about the ones that dont get the coverage. Those cuts are just as deep, will the wounds from these cuts ever heal in the families and loved ones.
If there is anything positive to come out of all this, it is the rallying of support for the families from the communties, from strangers regardless of race or creed, BUT WHAT A PRICE TO PAY.
Let us remember them always not just today, let us pray in sincerity not only for the victims and families but also for the solution.


RennyBA said...

Nice contributions - yes, lets remember them.

Here to wish you a great end to your week!

desertstar said...

So true- so true-- I always think of what Jesus said about if you do anything to these little ones it would be better if a millstone was tied on your neck and you were drowned- well that is the loose paraphrase- but you get the general gist.

Wickedness- and sadness- all rolled into one horrible concoction.